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Raccoon Removal / Raccoon Control / Raccoon TrappingWhen your home is infested by animals / wildlife it can be a stressful time for the whole family. Bohmz Pest Services can offer your property the complete pest control services you need. Wild animals can cause damage to the structure of your home as well as carrying diseases that can be contagious to pets and family members. With our years of experience in wildlife removal and control, you can be confident that both your family and home will be completely safe from here forward.

Experienced Trappers

Our trapping techniques provide quick and effective removal of all of the wildlife animals listed above. Our skilled and experienced animal and wildlife removal specialists will safely and humanely remove all unwanted wildlife from your property.

At Bohmz Pest Services, we are more than just a wildlife removal and pest control service. We also repair all the structural damage that your property has sustained from the break in. We are proud to be the only call you will need to make if your home or business has been invaded by wildlife.


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Please do not contact us about dogs or cats.

For removal of dead animals on public property in Janesville please contact City Services at (608) 755-3110 and in Madison contact the Madison Animal services at (608) 267-1989. Contact the Janesville Police Department at (608) 755-3100 to report a dog running loose or are disturbed by incessantly barking dogs. In Madison the Madison Police Department handles barking dog complaints : (608) 266-4275.

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Nuisance Animal Control & Prevention Services

Professional Services to Remove and Control All Types of Nuisance Wildlife Animals including BatsRaccoons, Squirrels, Mice, Birds, Skunks, Muskrats, Moles, Snakes, Opossums & Woodchucks.

Wildlife Critter Control & Removal

Complete Wildlife Critter Control & Prevention Services to control BatsRaccoons, Mice, Squirrels & other Nuisance Critters.

Repair of All Damages

Complete Restoration Services to Repair Damages Caused by Wild Animals and Pests in Your Home and Attics including BatsRaccoons, Birds, Squirrels, Rats, Skunks, Mice and other nuisance wild animals and critters.

Attic Restorations & Clean Up / Bat Proofing / Animal Prevention

Disinfect and clean up of Contaminated Attics. Complete removal of all types of contamination such as the cleanup of bat guano, bird droppings, animal feces, and animal urine. Using top-of-the-line equipment, the well-trained staff of Bohmz Pest Services can often complete this entire process in one day.

Bees / Wasps / Yellow Jackets / Hornet Removal & Nest Control / Relocation

Wasp / bee control, applications to nests, and wasp / bee removal can be a very dangerous job that are best left to trained professionals. Getting rid of wasps nests is what we do including bee hive removal, wasp removal, bees in the ground removal, bee removal & hornet nest removal & relocation.

Pest Control / Bug Removal / Insect Exterminator & Spraying Treatments

Every pest situation is different; we offer residential and commercial applications and can evaluate your needs on-site. We can schedule monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even one-time treatments. For your peace of mind, we guarantee positive results.

Bed Bug Removal / Bed Bug Extermination / Bed Bug Spraying Treatments