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Although raccoons look cute and cuddly, these home pests are the most-reported wildlife species with rabies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Besides scattering garbage on lawns at night, they’re brazen enough to find their way into your home in search of food — either yours or your pet’s. Raccoons enter through open doors, windows, and pet doors; they also squeeze through vents and baseball-sized holes in walls and soffits.

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Bohmz Pest Removal Services provides humane raccoon control in Madison, Janesville and surrounding Rock County & Dane County Wisconsin areas.  If you live in Madison, Wisconsin or Janesville, Wisconsin and have seen Raccoons in your neighborhood or on your property / in your attic, this is not uncommon. When hungry, raccoons will dig in your garbage if its not secured. If you have a garden with fruits and vegetables they will clear it out in one night. Fruit trees and bird feeders will also attract them to your yard. One tip we give to  home owners in Madison & Janesville is to bring your pet food inside at night. It’s that time of year when female raccoons are having their babies in attics and under homes all over Madison & Janesville! Call us today and talk to an Expert Raccoon Control professional!


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