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Bat Removal / Bat Control

Bats play an important role in our ecosystem. However, they are also associated with diseases that can be deadly to humans. Rabies is perhaps the most well known disease associated with bats. If a bat is present in your home, contact Bohmz Pest Services for assistance to remove these pests. Bat Removal in Madison.

Raccoon Trapping / Raccoon Removal

Although raccoons look cute and cuddly, these home pests are the most-reported wildlife species with rabies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We provide professional raccoon removal, raccoon control & raccoon trapping services in Janesville & Madison, Wisconsin.

Wildlife Trapping / Critter Control

We are your one stop shop from start to finish. Rodent & critter removal services include Rats, Squirrels, Porcupines, Skunks, Opossums, Groundhog / Woodchuck, Mice, Snakes & Reptiles. Our trapping techniques provide quick and effective removal of all of the wildlife animals listed above.

Wasps, Bees, Yellow Jackets & Hornet Removal

Bees / Wasps / Yellow Jackets / Hornet Removal & Nest Control

Wasp/bee extermination, applications to nests, and wasp/bee removal can be very dangerous jobs that are best left to trained professionals. Getting rid of wasps nests is what we do including bee hive removal, wasp removal, bees in the ground removal, bee removal & hornet nest removal.

Bed Bug Exterminator / Bed Bug Treatments & Pest Control

Bed Bugs get their name because they are commonly found in beds but can also be found in other places where humans spend a lot of time including businesses, hotels, airplanes, and furniture. Bed bug infestations start within eight feet of a bed (mattress, box spring, headboard, bed frame, bedding material) but bed bugs can travel as much as 100 feet in a single night!

Pest Control / Bug Removal / Insect Exterminator

Every pest situation is different; we offer residential and commercial applications and can evaluate your needs on-site. We can schedule monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even one-time treatments. For your peace of mind, we guarantee positive results.

Commercial • Residential • Industrial Pest Control

Bohmz Pest Control Services: Bat Trapper / Raccoon Removal / Pest Removal & Expert Wildlife Animal Trapping Services in Janesville & Madison, Wisconsin specializing in humane Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control & Trapping, Bat Removal & Exclusion, Insect & Bed Bug Extermination, Bed Bug Treatments, Wasp / Hornet / Bee Removal, Rodents, Mice & other Wildlife Animals, Woodchuck trapping and Attic Insulation & Restoration. Our animal pest removal and local pest control services in Madison & Janesville can help get rid of those pests for good! Bohmz Pest Services is a professional pest control company you can always count on.

We are your one stop shop for fast and effective animal removal, trapping and pest control services. Animals that invade your home do more than damage your home’s exterior and create a nuisance; they also carry diseases and leave behind offensive odors. At Bohmz Pest Services we take care of all wildlife animal removal needs using safe and humane trapping methods. Locally owned and operated fully licensed and insured pest exterminator in Madison & Janesville Wisconsin. We specialize in trapping racoons, trapping skunks, trapping woodchucks, trapping mice and any other wildlife pest / animal.


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Certified Pest Control Technicians & Animal Trapper in Madison & Janesville Wisconsin

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